Sheet Pile Design by Pile Buck

When it was first published in 1986, the Pile Buck Steel Sheet Piling Design Manual quickly became the standard man- ual for sheet piling design. It came at a time when the manufacturers’ published manuals on the subject were rapidly becoming a thing of the past, in the U.S. at least. The changes that were taking place at the time—and certainly since then—have only reinforced the need for a book on this subject published by an entity other than a manufacturer of sheet piling.

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Chapter 1 – Overview of Sheet Piling

Chapter 2 – Structural Design of Sheet Pile Walls

Chapter 3 – Overview of Soil Mechanics

Chapter 6 – Dynamic Earth Pressures

Chapter 9 – Design of Cantilevered and Anchored Walls Using Classical Methods

Chapter 12 – Analysis and Design of Anchored Walls and Anchor Systems for Earthquake Loads

Chapter 13 – Sheet Piling Cofferdams