U.S. Military Captures First Underwater Footage of PileMedic

PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII – PileMedic® by QuakeWrap recently took part in a live demonstration at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where U.S. Navy and Army divers demonstrated PileMedic’s rapid repair capabilities for damaged structures. The goal of the program is to shorten turnaround times for repairs from months to days, vastly improving readiness for deployments or, if needed, natural disasters.

A new video from the demonstration, part of the U.S.Army Corp of Engineers program called PIER, can also be viewed on the PileMedic.com website here. This is the very first underwater footage of PileMedic being installed.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) chose PileMedic for the following:

1) Speed – After observing various vendors install their jackets, it became obvious that PileMedic jackets have a clear installation speed advantage

2) Strength – PileMedic is the only jacket that offers true confinement, with no weak seam requiring separate glue or bolts

3) One Size Fits All – PileMedic comes on a roll that is cut to length, on-site. No need to ship and store bulky pile jackets.

“Piles are now being repaired in an hour compared to a day.”– U.S. Navy Commander