Site Group Remediates up to 79 Groundwater Wells in Jordan

A pump test detects the power consumption of the old pumps.
A pump test detects the power consumption of the old pumps.

Zarqa/al-Balqa/Yarmouk, Jordan – The Middle East is one of the most arid regions in the world. In Jordan for example, supplying people with drinking water is a major problem because water is scarce. In addition to this, the population has grown by more than 30 percent in the last ten years due to the country’s accommodation of refugees – the accessible water sources can hardly meet the requirements any longer. It is therefore all the more important that existing groundwater wells deliver water reliably and efficiently.

The water authority in Jordan recently assigned Site Group for Services and Well Drilling Ltd. Co. – the Jordanian subsidiary of BAUER Resources GmbH – the task of remediating up to 79 wells in Northern Jordan. “The wells were drilled between 1990 and 2005,” explains Adriano Fumagalli, Site Group General Manager. “The aim of the overall project is to reduce the average power consumption of pumping the water by 15 percent.”

2017-03_BAUER_Site Group_Energy efficiency project (2) (Groß)
The work by Site Group began on January 7, 2017.

The work by Site Group began on January 7, 2017 and is planned to be completed after around a year. This work includes the well analysis, filter cleaning and productivity measurements. After an initial examination of the existing wells using a 24-hour pump test, a camera inspection and the installation of a test pump, it will be decided whether each individual well will undergo remediation or re-drilling, or whether the well will be closed without a replacement. In addition, Site Group will perform a variety of electromechanical services, such as the installation of new pumps or a control and data collection system. Laying pipes and other small construction measures are also part of the contract.

The entire breadth of Bauer Resources’ range of services in the area of energy efficiency is displayed in this project, from the sustainable remediation of wells, to the selection of the correct filter material for the individual new wells, to the selection of energy-efficient pumps and the intelligent smart pump control for final energy optimization.