Alternate Structural Sections Provided for Struts and Whalers

Honolulu, Hawaii


After realizing the limited availability of the structural sections specified in the original project plans, the client contacted Nucor Skyline.

Being on-schedule and meeting the design requirements were essential to the client’s success. The client needed an alternative to the structural sections originally specified in the project design.


Nucor Skyline provided alternate structural sections for struts and whalers. This alternative was new to the market and would allow the client to save time and money. The structural properties of these new sections allowed for an increase in spacing resulting in a 25% reduction in the material required for the project. To optimize lengths, material was supplied directly from the mill.

Project Partners

City of Honolulu – Honolulu, Hawaii

Frank Coluccio Construction – Kapolei, HI


HP16 x 183 – 1,530 LF