What’s New With Meever USA?

Meever an official US distributor for hot rolled steel sheet piles

Meever USA has been appointed an official US distributor for ESZ hot rolled steel sheet piles with the popular Larssen interlock (compatible with AZ and NZ). Meever USA offers deliveries Mill Direct and the most common sections are available from Meever’s US inventory to guarantee short lead times. Meever USA stocks sheets in steel grades ASTM A572 GR50 and GR60. These sheet piles are also part of a sheet pile rental fleet so please don’t hesitate to contact Meever USA to rent piling for temporary applications or for the purchase of used sheet pile.

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Meever expands

Meever’s Southeast region continues expansion: Paul Jaquillard was recently appointed a Southeast region territory manager. He will be working with Lee Wilczynski (a veteran of over 41 years experience in the Pile Driving Industry).

Precision Pile

Meever USA has delivered the first shipments of Precision cold formed steel sheet pile (a new proprietary design of sheet pile), available only from Meever USA to the US market.

Precision pile (VKZ series) is an innovation in cold formed sheet pile manufacturing, featuring interlocks formed to angular specifications. Angular interlocks eliminate the looseness and swing of traditional rounded cold formed interlocks for more precise alignment and control when driving steel sheet pile.

This innovation has led to ultimate precision sheet pile (IBO series). A pile with Z section properties manufactured in one piece (rather than two), eliminating the practice of having to pair Z pile. For the following benefits.

  • Eliminates the common interlock in paired Z-pile. (50% less interlocks).
  • Faster installation, Widths up to 5’+.
  • Less handling, more precise alignment with template.
  • Easier to control.
  • Most efficient strength to weight ratio of any pile.
  • More efficient coating procedures.
  • Can be designed for depth, width, thickness to meet project requirements.

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