Trenchless Water Main Repair Using FRP

No-Dig Water Main Point Repair Using SuperLaminate™ to Improve Quality of Life for Cities

Video demonstration of the newest infrastructure innovation coming from QuakeWrap that looks to improve quality of life in cities.

SuperLaminate™ received a federal boost from the research arm of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), and the initial results are animated here.This new trenchless repair method will use specialized fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) laminates for repair of hard to reach water main leaks that cost cities and counties millions of dollars a year in drinking water loss and conventional (open-cut) repairs. The SuperLaminate™ system can also be used to proactively repair defective pipe segments.

The new application will stop identified leaks in city main water pipes without the need for expensive excavation. This capability is referred to as “trenchless” (or no-dig) in the pipeline rehabilitation industry, and the ability to avoid digging up and replacing pipe to stop continuous leaks and repair water main breaks will save municipalities and other government organizations millions of dollars in infrastructure renewal and drinking water system operating costs.