SR-45 CFA With Auger Lifting Tool

SR-45 Advance is a multi-function machine focussing on simplicity and convenience. The base versions are made for LDP and CFA, however with our hydraulic, electronic and mechanical transformation kit this machine can easily be transformed into a displacement pile, turbojet or a soil consolidation machine.

During the Open House event, held in Cesena from 19 to 20 may 2017, a few equipment demonstrated some tests in our dedicated test field area.

In this video SR-45 is in CFA version, and is equipped with a tool for the assembly and disassembly of the auger sections, with no need for an operator to climb up to insert the pins into the joint.

The advantages are obvious: first of all the increased safety at the job site and also the costs for a potential lifting platform for the operator up are eliminated.