Soilmec Unveils New Pile-Driving Kit for SC-90 Crane

Houston, TX – Renowned for its innovative foundation drilling equipment, Soilmec is now applying its expertise to develop advanced pile-driving technology. Soilmec is offering a new pile-driving kit fully integrated with the Soilmec SC-90 crane.
Soilmec’s engineered package integrates the SC-90 crane with a custom vertical travel lead (VTL) system. Contractors no longer have to worry about needing engineering certification to attach a lead system to their crane.

The new pile-driving kit consists of a vertical travel lead, hydraulic spotter, and diesel or hydraulic hammer specifically designed to meet each customer’s needs. The lead column is typically 75 ft to 98 ft high, but it can be extended to 131 ft for downhole hammers. Using the 98 ft lead column and an elevated vertical lift, the SC-90 can reach a maximum pile depth of 72 ft.

Soilmec’s Drilling Mate System (DMS) is also fully integrated into the pile-driving kit, allowing rig operators and other jobsite personnel to easily monitor various pile-driving parameters, including batter position, verticality, and delivered energy. This DMS real-time monitoring of the rig position helps improve safety.

The new SC-90 pile-driving package increases productivity by improving the ease and speed of pile-driving operations. For instance, it enables a broad reach so that a group of piles can be driven without moving the crane. Piles can be driven using side batter angles up to 15 degrees, forward or aft batter angles up to 18 degrees, forward reach up to 40 ft, and leads raised up to 15 ft above grade.

The SC-90 system can save on personnel costs, if labor agreements allow a reduced crew size. Only a crane operator and one front-end man are needed for pile driving, instead of the standard 4-man crew used on a traditional pile-driving rig, since the spotter positions the piles instead of crew members.

Soilmec’s pile-driving package also saves on equipment costs. Contractors only need to rent or buy one SC-90 crane that can perform pile driving and many other specialized operations. For instance, the SC-90 crane can be configured for pile-driving when equipped with the new custom vertical travel lead system; vibratory driving when equipped with a hydraulic vibrator; drilled piles when equipped with a hammer grab and casing oscillator; bored piles when equipped with a hydraulic or mechanical rotary; digging when equipped with a clamshell; dredging when equipped with a dragline; lifting; and more.

Soilmec’s new pile-driving kit extends the versatility of the SC-90 crane, allowing contractors to build great projects with increased productivity at a lower cost.