Pieresearch’s UNIBAR® Receives New Patent for Revolutionary Adjustable Centering Device

Pieresearch® a leader in the design and manufacture of alignment and centralizing devices for the geo-construction industry has just received a new patent for its revolutionary UNIBAR® centralizer (patent number 10,584,459).

The answer to uniform reinforcement steel spacing requirements for single-bar foundation and earth support elements is provided by Pieresearch’s Quick-Lock® Adjustable UNIBAR® Centralizer. These rugged, light weight, quick and easy-to-install, non-corrosive centralizers are designed to keep the bar or tendon centered in the borehole to allow for required concrete or grout cover. Proper alignment in concrete or grout placement is a critical element in quality assurance and quality control.

The adjustable UNIBAR® is ideally suitable for use with soil nails, micropiles, tiebacks, or augercast-in-place piles. The UNIBAR® accommodates single and multi-bar anchors both threaded and non-threaded, strand anchors, encapsulated (DCP) anchors, and other types of soil and rock anchors in 8″ boreholes. They easily attach to #6 through #11 bars. The snap-together centralizer can be affixed with zip ties or tie wire to any type of reinforcing. They are equally effective for steel or pipe applications.

To learn more about the new, adjustable QUICK-LOCK® ADJUSTABLE UNIBAR® anchor visit the Pieresearch® website where you will find product details and spec kits for all of your deep foundation and earth retention needs.

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