New Vertical Travel Lead (VTL) Pile-Driving Kit

Known for expertise and innovation in the foundation drilling industry, Soilmec is now offering advanced pile-driving equipment! American Equipment & Fabricating put on an impressive display at their yard in East Providence, Rhode Island on Thursday May 28th, with an afternoon demonstration of Soilmec’s new Vertical Travel Lead (VTL) pile-driving kit. A total of five, 45-foot piles were driven to demonstrate the side-to-side and forward-aft batter capabilities.

This new kit is fully integrated with Soilmec’s SC-90 crane, with an engineered connection between the pile-driving kit lead system and crane. The SC-90 is also equipped with a special module within Soilmec’s DMS (Drill Mate System) that allows rig operators and jobsite personnel to easily monitor pile-driving parameters and stay in control. There are several ways that Soilmec’s SC-90 with VTL pile-driving kit can increase productivity on a jobsite. For instance, it enables a broad reach in multiple directions so that a group of piles can be driven accurately without moving the crane.