New Unibar Centralizers for Tendon and Rebar Alignment and Support


Pieresearch, Arlington, Texas has long been known as a leading manufacturer and distributor of centralizer spacers for reinforcing cage alignment in drilled shaft foundation construction. The company has just made available a new specially designed centralizer for use with tendon and rebar elements for earth support systems. To achieve proper design strength in any drilled and grouted hole the tendon or rebar anchor material must be centered in the hole to allow minimum coverage throughout the length of the element.

Made of durable, non-corrosive plastic this new, easily installed, light weight and economical centralizer contributes to the quality control of the construction process. The Unibar centralizer consists of two identical halves that are fast and easy to snap together. No nuts or bolts are required. They can be attached with zip ties or tie wire. The centralizer will accommodate single-bar, multi-bar, standard strand, or encapsulated (DCP) anchors, and can be used for steel or plastic pipe applications. Unibar centralizers are ideal for soil nails, rock and soil anchors, micropiles, and auger-cast piles with single tension bars.

For more information about this and other “Made in the USA” Pieresearch centralizer products contact: Stan Agee at, [email protected].