Launch of Ultimate Torque Converter in North America – a Game Changer

Ultimate 300 Torque Converter 02

NZ Stirrers announced today the release into the North American drilling and foundation market a unique and innovative range of hydraulic Torque Converter Attachments – capable of increasing the torque of the main drive units by more than four times – with an easy-to-fit attachment that takes under five minutes to connect.

Designed for those companies specifically in the business of driving in ‘screw anchors’ and ‘pile drilling’, which has until now had to make do with single drive units, the Ultimate Torque Converter has the advantage of being a split unit that becomes two motors in one, allowing the flexibility to do big and smaller jobs with the same piece of equipment.

Ken Borg, Senior Technical Designer at NZ Stirrers, says that where single drive units need to be disconnected from the Excavator, the hoses uncoupled and a new drilling unit connected – a process that takes 20 plus minutes, and may need to be repeated three or four times in a day due to changing conditions – the Ultimate Torque Converter is far more flexible to swap in and out all day long.

“Using a single drive unit, you may run out of torque if you hit a harder piece of soil that was missed in the testing, and the drill won’t get through it, so you need to fit a bigger drilling head. That’s a lot of time and money wasted. You won’t have that problem with the Ultimate Torque Converter.”

Ultimate 300 Torque Converter 03For smaller, more shallow screw anchor or smaller pile hole projects, the NZ Stirrers attachment can be used without the Torque Converter on. A powerful 2-speed drive motor provides plenty of power to begin screw anchors by getting them in quicker and then attaching the Torque Converter to finish them off.

If a project requires some real power to screw in screw anchors, or for drilling holes up to 10ft 5 inches* in diameter, you can quickly and simply attach the Ultimate Torque Converter, increasing torque by more than four times.

The Ultimate Torque Converter Attachment takes under five minutes to connect up using just three special bolts. No extra hydraulic hosing is needed either making for easy use.

Even without the Ultimate Torque Converter Attachment on, you can drill holes of 7ft 6.5 inches* in diameter (depending on ground conditions and excluding rock), making the Ultimate Torque Converter attachment convenient and cost effective for those awkward projects with limited access, or those smaller projects without the budgets for larger, more expensive equipment.

“You don’t have to wait for those specialized pieces of equipment to become available. There’s no need to be using setups weighing 120 ton or more with big transport and set up costs,” says Ken, who developed the Ultimate Torque Converter after observing how drilling often required a whole range of different motors to finish the job.

The Ultimate Torque Converter comes in five ranges (including the new Ultimate 100 and Ultimate 200 for small to medium sized companies): so, there’s one just right for the job at hand.

Ultimate 300 Torque Converter 01

Ultimate 300

Increases the torque of your main drive unit from 75,000Nm (55,317-ft-lbs) to 315,000Nm (232,332-ft-lbs) with an easy to fit attachment that takes under five minutes to connect.

Ultimate 400

Increase the torque of your main drive unit from 100,000Nm (73,756-ft-lbs) to 420,000Nm (309,776-ft-lbs) with an easy-to-fit attachment that takes under five minutes to connect.

Ultimate 500

Increase the torque of your main drive unit from 125,000Nm (92,195-ft-lbs) to 525,000Nm (387,220-ft-lbs) with an easy to fit attachment that takes under five minutes to connect. We have a range of different hitch arrangements from “Pendulum, Gimbal, Beak Extension and custom builds.

All units are easily transported separately from the excavator in its own cradle, which makes for quick, safe connecting to the excavator.

NZ Stirrers is actively seeking distribution partners throughout the United States.

You can view more information here.