Hinged Fender Panels for Pier Head at Sjællands Odde from ShibataFenderTeam

Sjællands Odde is a small village on the northwest coast of the Danish island Zealand. Its ferry connection to Aarhus, operated by ferry company Molslinjen A/S, marks an important hub for commuters who rely on a timely and reliable connection between these two parts of Denmark. With up to 24 departures, the port is highly frequented and used by some of the world’s fastest ferries.

The operator Molslinjen A/S recently commissioned the refurbishment of the ferry berth in Sjællands Odde to keep up with the new ferries.

ShibataFenderTeam equipped the pier head with 30 CSS 800 Cell Fenders and steel panels in 9 different sizes, each with a height of 4700mm and widths from 1500mm to 3100mm. The engineering aspect of the design was probably the most challenging, as the pier head was not completely smooth and the specification required that every panel should be hinged together. Through their great cooperation with their client Molslinjen, they made sure to deliver a perfectly fitting system.

Being located in the middle of the Kattegat, the weather can get rough and the visibility is not always the best. To make sure that the vessel’s captains can locate the pier head regardless of the weather conditions, SFT used yellow UHMW-PE for the top of the steel panels.

An individual solution for a challenging design, ensuring safe travel for the commuters of the region and a safe and secure berthing throughout the year – an order perfectly solved by ShibataFenderTeam.

The SFT Group wishes Molslinjen A/S a smooth operation with the newly equipped pier head at Sjællands Odde.