EAS Offers New Program to Assist Deep Foundation Construction Contractors in New York and New Jersey

Earth Anchoring Suppliers™ and CHANCE® The Certified Helical Pile have partnered to launch The Sign & Seal Relief Program™ to assist deep foundation contractors in New York and New Jersey. The program runs now through the end of May to help keep projects moving.

The Sign & Seal Relief Program is a 100% rebate program. Contractors will submit deep foundation plans to EAS. If the project uses helical piles or can be converted to using helical piles, it qualifies for the Program. The EAS engineering team creates the geotechnical design documents signed, sealed and ready for submittal.

“We didn’t want to wait,” explained Alex Raposo, President, Earth Anchoring Suppliers. “The deep foundation community needs help now, and this Program is designed to do just that.” Raposo continues, “Construction planning and approvals don’t have to stop. We are offering a 100% rebate for our signed & sealed geotechnical design documents service. By taking on the financial burden of signing and sealing plans, our customers can focus on pursuing projects through the design and approval process.”

When EAS approached us to partner with them on this Program, we didn’t hesitate,” adds David Bruce, North American Sales Manager, CHANCE Foundation Solutions. “It’s meaningful help for their customers. The goal is less down time with more people working now and in the future.”

“Everyone needs to pull together and help each other, now more than ever,” Raposo states directly. “Anyone interested should review Program details by going to our website or contacting us directly. We are in it for the long haul, but if we can help keep the work flowing for our customers… we’re glad to do it.”