Digga North America’s New Compact High-Flow 4DDS Auger Drive Delivers Powerful Performance For Higher Productivity

Digga-Application-Photo-OriginalDyersville, Iowa – With a maximum output torque of 4,180 ft-lbs, the new Digga Compact High-Flow 4DDS Auger Drive, manufactured by Iowa-based Digga North America, delivers faster, more powerful performance than comparable units, for increased overall productivity. The result of more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of planetary gearboxes and drives, the Digga 4DDS Drilling Drive is engineered for use on the latest, most powerful skid steer loaders, backhoes and mini-excavators on the market today. The 4DDS will handle high flows of up to 42 gpm, providing output speeds of up to 108 rpm. The result is an ideal balance of torque and speed for faster production and a greater return on investment.

The 4DDS auger drive’s high-efficiency Digga-designed motor system allows more of the carrier machine’s horsepower to be utilized in delivering power to the ground for faster drilling and better spin-off speeds, allowing operators to more quickly drill larger-diameter holes in harsh ground conditions. The motor features an integrated pressure relief valve that eliminates the need for bulky valve blocks, while reducing many potential leak points. And the sleek, compact gearbox design ensures that the drive can fit into a 10-in-diameter hole, providing deeper penetration without the need for extensions, for more efficient operation. Because it can handle flows from 8 gpm to 42 gpm, the 4DDS is truly versatile, fitting a wide range of skid steers (including high flow), backhoes and mini-excavators.

Additional features of the 4DDS include a two-piece shaft design that isolates the planetary gears from pushing, pulling and bending forces, without increasing the load on the bearings. In fact, it has more than double the side load capacity of any other gearbox on the market. With the highest shaft pull-out rating in the industry and an output shaft seal that can be replaced without disassembly of the planetary gearbox, the 4DDS will experience less machine downtime than competitive models. All Digga drilling drives are covered by warranty protection that is unsurpassed in the industry, with a 5-year gearbox and 3-year motor warranty, as well as a lifetime shaft pull-out warranty.