Damen Delivers Instrumentation Package to “Margaret Ann”

MargaretAnnEarlier this month Damen Dredging Equipment delivered an instrumentation package to the “Margaret Ann”. This TSHD had to be fitted out with this package at the greatest speed as a new job was at hand. The owner chose for the Damen instrumentation as they have various other TSHDs equipped with the same instrumentation operating to their full satisfaction.

The dredging instrumentation delivered comprises various standard Damen instrumentation packages. These include a Suction Tube Position Indication with both vertical and horizontal angle measurement, delivered for monitoring the position of the trailing pipe versus the vessel. On screen the side and top view of the pipe and TSHD are represented on one page accessibly. Moreover, a Load and Draught indicator showing the vessels loading graph was mounted including the required pressure transmitters. Additionally the Tons Dry Solids are measured by radar sensors, indicating the cargo volume present in the hopper. Moreover, a Data Logger was installed combining the various signals plus time stamp and the location data taken from the newly installed Navguard positioning software.

All equipment was delivered and installed within 6 weeks. The owner Group De Cloedt’s Manager Special Projects Mr Jeffrey Wijnja says “We contracted a job in Germany for the “Margaret Ann”. For that job this dredging instrumentation was vital. We chose the Damen dredging instrumentation as it runs on several of our TSHD’s to our full satisfaction. As the job had to be done without delay, the choice was easy”. The “Margaret Ann”, a 835 m3 TSHD of 85.9 m length, is on its way to its new job at this very moment.