CZM Introduces Long Reach Rig to Fleet

CZM Foundation Equipment recently introduced a Long Reach option to their fleet. CZM has been manufacturing foundation drill rigs since 1976.  In the early 2000’s, they started CZM USA, opening a factory in Savannah, Georgia.

The LR version of these machines will serve applications such as sound bearing walls, transmission lines and utilities, drilling on a steep slope, and difficult to reach holes. These machines will be offered on Caterpillar and John Deere bases. The LR65 will be mounted on a CAT330 (or equivalent) and the LR125 and LR160 will be offered on a CAT 336 (or equivalent). The machines also have a special designed boom with 2 lift cylinders which allows for a higher torque and crowd force to be applied to the tool, which aligned with locking interlock Kelly bars makes it efficient on rock and hard soil drilling. Round Friction bars are also available for high production on softer soils. All these models will have extendable and longer undercarriages. This really makes a big difference on the stability and performance of the machine.

The largest model, the EK160, will have a torque of 155,000 ft.lbs, max drilling speed of 32rpm’s and spin-off of 120rpm’s, 41,000 lbs of effective main winch line pull, and 45,000 lbs of crowd force with an operating weight of 110,000 lbs.  All the machines come equipped with a Service Winch, CZM’s technology package which includes auto gear shifting, drill lock and auto crowd, auto level, return to center, telematics and other functions. The LR160 and LR125 are currently in production and the first units of each will be operational in August.

Training and service support are provided by CZM and equipment is available for rental, direct sale, or rental/purchase options.  CZM Foundation Equipment is headquartered in Savannah, GA and has an office in Saginaw, Texas, along with sales team members based in all regions of the US and Canada.