Crane Rental Corporation Expands Tower Crane Fleet

ORLANDO, FL—This month Crane Rental Corporation will take delivery of a Terex Peiner SK-415 electric tower crane. It will go to work immediately in south Florida to join two of Crane Rental Corporation’s other tower cranes on a job scheduled to last twelve months.

This crane marks a steady increase in the company’s fleet, as they have purchased several new machines over the last 12 months, including Manitowoc 16000 and 18000 crawler cranes; 600-ton capacity Terex AC 500-2 and 275-ton capacity Grove GMK 5275 hydraulic truck cranes.

Within that time period Crane Rental Corporation has also added an innovative high-capacity telescoping-axle Trail King dual-lane transport trailer with suspension beam, perimeter deck, dollies, and bolster options to its heavy haul fleet.

“We are seeing demand increase in almost every sector of our industry,” Crane Rental Corporation president Alan Ashlock said. “We are investing in new equipment in order to continue providing great service to our customers nationwide.”

Crane Rental Corporation has been “selling nothing but service” since 1960. The company offers heavy hauling, rigging, and crane services across the United States and Caribbean and specializes in “turnkey” projects providing both equipment and experienced, certified labor. They have an industry-leading 0.63 EMR.