Company Merger at Bauer Resources

Soil remediation project near Nuremberg, Germany.
Soil remediation project near Nuremberg, Germany.

Schrobenhausen, Germany – At the start of December, BAUER Umwelt GmbH, BAUER Water GmbH and BAUER Resources GmbH were merged to form a single company. “The positive growth of our environmental business and the resulting requirements show that the previous strategy with several companies was no longer suitable for the future,” says Bauer Managing Director Johann Mesch. “The merging of BAUER Resources GmbH, BAUER Umwelt GmbH and BAUER Water GmbH will result in many administrative simplifications in the development of projects, meaning that we will now be an even stronger partner with pooled expertise.”

BAUER Umwelt celebrated its 25-year anniversary in 2015 and is today one of the prominent environmental companies in Germany and the surrounding countries. Its portfolio includes the remediation of waste sites, disposal of contaminated waste from construction and industry and the cleaning of ground and site water. In July 2015, BAUER was awarded a contract by Roche Pharma AG for the remediation of perimeter 1/3 NW of the former Kesslergrube landfill. BAUER Umwelt GmbH’s primary task is to excavate and collect approximately 280,000 tonnes of soil in special safety containers and to haul them away. The contaminated excavated material will then undergo thermal treatment. The remediation of Kesslergrube is the largest single contract in the history of the BAUER Group.

BAUER Water has been one of the leading providers in the area of water treatment for over twenty years. As a competent plant manufacturer, the company boasts many years of experience in the areas of drinking water, process water, waste water and decontamination. BAUER Water’s services range from consultation, assessment of feasibility, system conception, planning and design of plants, assembly and commissioning of plants, to plant servicing including delivery of service products and ancillary materials with ongoing optimization of the plant operation.

Now all three of the companies have completely merged with BAUER Resources GmbH as legal successors. “The previous contact persons are still available for our customers and partners and our locations will also remain fully unchanged. The known and proven brands BAUER Umwelt and BAUER Water will also continue to represent our services on the market,” explains Johann Mesch.