ClockSpring|NRI Launches the TEC Talks Program

A series of informative webinars

ClockSpring|NRI, the leading high-performance critical infrastructure solutions company, has launched a series of TEC talks which highlight how our products and services create business value for our customers where shutting down operations is not an option, as well as providing a little light relief to our partners who may be stuck at home during this period.

As we serve customers within critical infrastructure operations, covering the transport, treatment, processing, and storage of oil, gas, chemicals, water, and wastewater, we want to continue to make these critical infrastructure sectors aware of the various ClockSpring|NRI solutions available.

ClockSpring|NRI EVP and Chief Marketing Officer Vikki Dunn explained the program further: “We have created our TEC talks series, which will be delivered by subject matter experts from our CSNRI, Advanced Valve Technologies and GeoTree divisions, to ensure we can keep in touch with our customers and business partners, many of which continue to deliver their vital services.

“We must accept that this way of working is the new normal, and we will do everything we can to assist our customers and ensure they have the tools and support they need to continue to operate.”

Below are a few examples of our TEC talks. Visit to see the full range of topics being covered and register to attend as many as you wish.

  • Basics of Composite Repair Theory
  • The alternative to cutting in valves, with no need to shut off the water – where are inline insertion valves
  • Introduction of Concrete Cloth GCCM

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a subject for a future talk please contact us.