Berminghammer – EML30 ORBA Innovation of the Year – BOT

In the spring of 2018, Berminghammer put its newest innovation to the test. The EML30 – an excavator mounted pile driving lead for 30-ton excavators was to complete its first pile installation in Hearst, Ontario.  BOT construction purchased the unit to complete some roadway protection shoring for several culvert replacements. The line of excavator mounted piling leads had been in the development stage for several years and consists of three models, the EML30, EML45 and EML60. BOT completed the culvert replacements in the spring utilizing the EML30. They installed typical soldier pile and lagging retaining systems as well as a more complicated combi wall system consisting of interlaced H-Piles and sheet piles. BOT saved significant amounts of money on mobilization costs throughout and took on the additional scope of foundation work which was new for them as a General Contractor.

BOT & Berminghammer’s work was recognized by the Ontario Road Builder’s association. Berminghammer received the prestigious “Innovation Award” for 2019

Berminghammer has designed a magnificent excavator mounted lead attachment that can be used on every job that requires steel piles. The EML30 excavator mounted lead has proven to be an economical method to install sheet piles or H-Piles on smaller or medium type projects with confined work areas. The ability to change the excavator from the lead attachment back to a conventional excavator allows full utilization of the excavator. The EML30 attachment can be mobilized on a float while mounted on the excavator or separately. It has proven to be a useful tool that it would be hard to go without. Sheet piling can now be scheduled within your own control and will make you project go a lot smoother. A great innovation, well done!” – Dan Campenelli, BOT Construction