Bermingham – Menard USA – Raceland LA – L27HD Leads

2014-08-26 11_10_30-Menard USA w berminghammer logo.docx - Microsoft WordIn late January 2014, Louis Fritz of Bermingham Foundation Solutions was contacted by Seth Pearlman of Menard USA for the purpose of sourcing a lead system capable of running a Controlled Modulus Column (CMC) drilling system.

Menard was looking for a quick delivery for two systems as they had already been awarded the work. Bermingham had recently designed a High Torque version of the industry standard L27 lead column making the short delivery timeframe requested achievable.  The high torque L27 system was to attach to a Manitowoc 2250 crane. Working quickly, Menard and Bermingham finalized a deal for the production of two systems in four short days. Menard immediately shipped their rotary to Bermingham’s yard in Hamilton, Ontario where it was outfitted with gibs to match Bermingham’s L27 lead profile.

Standing 147′ tall, the first completed system left Bermingham’s yard only two months following the order confirmation and the second system in only three.   The system met the Manitowoc 2250 crane it mounts onto in Louisana for its first job. Bermingham’s Mike Christensen went to Louisiana for the first rig-up to familiarize Menard’s crew with Bermingham equipment. Thanks to the combined effort of Menard and Bermingham the job was extremely successful.

Bermingham would like to thank Menard for choosing Bermingham for their lead needs. Bermingham continues to provide engineered lead systems on short order for many deep foundation applications. Please continue to think of Bermingham for your next lead challenge!