BAUER Pileco Sells the Pileco Name, Brand, IP and Inventory

WUXI XINREN UNIVERSAL MACHINERY CO. has been the manufacturing partner of BAUER Pileco for many years as the sole source of the Pileco hammer product. Both BAUER and Wuxi have had a long and good working relationship and will continue to work together in other areas of business.

Pileco has over a 50-year history of exemplary service to the hammer industry and is the most known hammer brand in North and South America. The business was started in 1966 by Otto Kammerer who, at his retirement, sold the business to BAUER in 2005. BAUER has been a proud owner of the Pileco brand from the sale to BAUER by Otto and has enjoyed many years of success in the hammer business.

Due to changing market dynamics and the desire to focus on growth in our core competencies, this transaction was completed with the intent that the Pileco customers would continue to receive support for any and all of their hammer needs. The sale will allow both companies to better focus on the dynamics of their respective products and to remain industry leaders in their respective fields.

BAUER Pileco will change its name to BAUER Equipment America. Pileco will merge with Global Piling Equipment and, over the next several months, become one as Pileco, Inc. As of the closing of the sale, no Finished Goods or Parts can be purchased or returned to BAUER Equipment America.