BAUER Maschinen received thousands of visitors at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade fair

Las Vegas, USA – CONEXPO-CON/AGG is the most important construction machinery trade show in North America. This year, over 130,000 visitors from 150 countries and over 2,500 exhibitors attended from all over the world, according to organizers. The BAUER Maschinen Group was also among the exhibitors once again and showcased two BG rotary drilling rigs as well as a selection of equipment from its subsidiaries Pileco, RTG, Klemm and MAT at its. The Bauer team welcomed more than 7,000 unique visitors and organized 441 guided tours.

The biggest attraction was the BAUER BG 24H PremiumLine on a new BT 75 base carrier. More than 2,000 people stopped to take a closer look at the rig, which features Energy-Efficient Power (EEP) technology. EEP technology was first implemented in the BAUER BG PremiumLine rigs three years ago and soon became a standard feature. With an optimized, smart hydraulic system and main winch function in the closed hydraulic circuit, this technology reduces diesel consumption on the construction site by 20 to 30% while boosting performance thanks to efficiency enhancements and direct energy recovery.

On the one hand, the BG 24H PremiumLine is a state-of-the-art kelly drilling rig, as demonstrated at the trade show. In fact, when used for drilling cased bore holes, it can deliver 15% more torque than its name suggests at first. As a PremiumLine rig, however, it can be quickly and easily converted for all common drilling methods without extensive modifications. The central element here is the B-Tronic user interface, which gives the operator optimal control and flexibility thanks to a color monitor with a touch function. When it comes to HSE, the current generation of carriers sets new standards and delivers several award-winning innovative features for heavy duty use on the construction site. Extendable service platforms enable safe and efficient servicing, while reduced noise emissions are easy on the environment and the nerves of neighboring residents. The rig also features a fall protection unit, which can be retracted during transport, on its upper carriage as well as two cameras for monitoring the rear area. Incidentally, the rig on display was sold during the show and delivered after the end of the fair.

The Bauer team welcomed over 7,000 unique visitors at the booth at Conexpo.

The second representative of the BG series was the BG 11H ValueLine. With this rig, Bauer has succeeded in creating the perfect combination of outstanding drilling performance and easy transport along with low transport weight. The BG 11H features an enormous range of applications for its size. Drilling depths of up to 40 m (with lockable kelly bars) can be achieved with this compact rotary drilling rig. Bore diameters of 3 m are possible for special applications in the oil drilling industry. The carriage length and the chain plate width of 600 mm ensure low ground pressure. The telescopic undercarriage ensures a wide platform during operation. Its outstanding stability ensures that drilling operations can be performed with the mast tilted forward by up to seven degrees. In addition, radii up to 2,600 mm from the edge of undercarriage are possible.

The BG 11H allows for a high level of variability during transport. The kelly bar and the rotary drive can remain on the rig for transport. The transport weight can be easily and freely varied between 37 t (incl. rotary drives and kelly bar for 40 m drill depth) and 28 t. The mast features a two-piece design and is placed horizontally on the upper carriage for transport. A folding cylinder is used to position the upper mast section so that transport height of 3.5 m is ensured. The kelly bar and the rotary drive can remain on the rig. This allows for quick setup. The BG 11 H is powered by a sound-insulated CAT engine with a Tier 4-compliant exhaust.

Bauer presented an MC 96 crawler crane equipped with a Pileco D100-13 diesel hammer for the first time at Conexpo. Once again, the response was excellent – the rig had actually been sold just before the show. The MC 96 features a 570 kW CAT C 18 engine and is used in various special specialist foundation engineering applications: as a cable-excavator with a mechanical cable gripper or drop weights for dynamic soil compaction; as a base carrier for hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs or piled bore grab for drilling cased bore holes in combination with casing oscillators, for depth vibrators and oscillating vibrators, for trench cutters or for diesel hammers. The ultra sound-proofed cab provides an optimal view of the work area and has numerous features that offer maximum convenience for the operator. Energy Efficient Power (EEP) technology allows for variable and intelligent control of the cooler and air system, reduction of flow losses thanks optimized hydraulic components, a smart ECO mode for the diesel engine and closed hydraulic circuits for operation of the main winch.

RTG Rammtechnik GmbH showcased its RG 25 S pile driver as well as a very special product: the SilentVibro MR145V, which was exhibited for the first time in the US. This sound-proofed vibrator significantly reduces noise in the front working area. This is achieved through a variety of measures, such as soundproofing of the spring yoke and encapsulation of the front area, including the hydraulic motors. In addition, the hydraulic system has been integrated into the spring yoke, and a flexible element soundproofs the area between the spring yoke and the clamp assembly. Encapsulation of the vibrator is possible due to the patented lubrication and cooling system: RTG vibrators are completely independent of the ambient temperature for their temperature regulation thanks to their cooling system with integrated hydraulic lubrication. Another unique feature is the use of biologically degradable hydraulic oil – even in the vibrator. The RG telescopic and rigid leader rigs are ideal base machines for a wide range of applications, including vibrating, pile-driving, compacting, drilling and soiling mixing techniques. All RTG rigs can be equipped with Energy-Efficient Power (EEP) technology.

KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH, a member of the BAUER Maschinen group since 1998, showcased two next-generation drilling rigs: the KR 807-7F and the KR 806-3G. The KR 806-3G is equipped with an automatic power and energy management (EEP-assist) system that significantly reduces fuel consumption and noise emissions. The efficient and resource-efficient mobile hydraulic system is yet another special feature of both rigs.

The KR 807-7F anchor drilling rig is one of the most powerful Klemm drilling rigs and is used for anchoring and micro piling. The front end has an extremely high load-bearing capacity and allows for universal drilling positions using very long and heavy drill masts. The MAG 7.0 rod barrel magazine can be used for installing and removing heavy, hydraulically controlled double casing systems with a diameter of up to 254 mm. As a result, drilling performance is increased and less personnel is required. The KLEMM KR 806-3G anchoring and universal drilling rig is suitable for anchoring, micro piling, jet grouting and drilling boreholes for geothermal probes. The 160 kW Diesel engine includes SCR-only emissions technology and complies with 4 final/EPA emissions standards. The kinematic mast linkage system allows a wide range of pivoting and setup options. The rig features a CAN bus control system with performance level “c.”

A mixing plant from MAT Mischanlagentechnik, which is part of BAUER Maschinen GmbH, rounded out the range of rigs for specialist foundation engineering at the Bauer booth. The fully automatic, compact, PLC-controlled SCA-40 K mixing plant is used for colloidal mixing and delivery of fluid suspensions for anchors, soil mixing, bottom injections, cavity filling, jet grouting or jet drilling. The plant has a maximum mixer capacity of 40 m³/h and can process solids with a maximum particle size of 4.0 mm and a marsh viscosity of up to 100 s/dm³ as well as suspensions with a density of up to 1.9 kg/dm³. In addition to its versatility, further advantages of the plant include simple operation and maintenance as well as high efficiency.