ALL Adds First-off-the-Line Manitowoc MLC300 to Its Second-to-None Fleet


CLEVELAND, April 28, 2015 — Last March, the ALL Family of Companies purchased 10 new 330-USt Manitowoc MLC300 crawler cranes. The MLC300 is set to be the new leader in the 300- to 350-ton crawler class, thanks to the technologically advanced Variable Position Counterweight (VPC), a groundbreaking movable counterweight system. In addition, the MLC300 has completed and passed Manitowoc load testing over the last year and was determined to have the strongest load chart in its class.

Once again, the ALL Family of Companies leads the pack in taking delivery of the first crane off the line. This unit will go to Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental, ALL’s Wisconsin branch, where it promises to become one of their most popular crawlers.

ALL has a reputation for being first to procure the newest machines, having taken Serial #1 on several previous Manitowoc models: the 21000 in 1999, the 18000 in 2003, the 16000 in 2006, and the 14000 in 2007. This commitment to offering the best equipment for their customers every year is just part of the way ALL does business.

The VPC system integral to the MLC300 is truly revolutionary. In this design, the counterweight is centered between the fully retracted and fully extended positions, and a patented rail system transfers the counterweight from back to front depending on the boom’s extension. Because it moves as it is needed, VPC dramatically improves crane stability with a more constant center of gravity resulting in reduced ground bearing pressure. Additionally, this new technology eliminates the needs for carbody counterweights. That weight can now be added to the upperworks to increase the crane’s capacity while retaining the crane’s mobility and performance.

“It’s a truly remarkable crawler crane. We’re very excited about receiving the first of these new MLC300s,” said Rick Mikut, crawler crane division manager. “With the advantages the VPC system brings, we can reduce mats by half, not to mention the savings realized with reduced job site prep. This is a dramatic reduction in number of loads needed to ship this machine to a job site. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this cost and time savings to our customers, who depend on ALL for better, more efficient ways of working. This crane helps us deliver.”