New Insurance to Unify Maritime Construction Coverage

ProSight Specialty® Insurance announced the launch of a Marine Contractors program, Longshore+ Marine Contractors, unifying all lines of insurance under a single carrier: ProSight. The exclusive package offering provides the following coverages:

  • Marine General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation and USL&H
  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Hull & Machinery
  • Protection & Indemnity plus Marine Employers Liability
  • Property
  • Auto
  • Excess (Bumbershoot) Liability

Prior to the Longshore+ Marine Contractors program, when a marine contractor needed to file an employee injury claim, the complicated process of determining where the claim should be filed and which policy would respond would need to be completed. Often, the brokers and attorneys would be put on alert to review multiple insurance policies in an effort to decide which one offered the appropriate coverage – each with separate claims notification requirements. With this new program, the claims experience has been streamlined to a single carrier.

“ProSight is excited to be bringing such a novel offering to the marine construction industry,” said Mark Engel, Marine and Offshore Energy program executive at ProSight Specialty® Insurance. “When all of your marine insurance needs are handled by a single carrier, it eliminates gaps and takes the guess work out of compensation claims. We want to make the payment process efficient and fair.”

This program is designed specifically for marine contractors. With features like thorough background checks and robust drug screenings, ProSight offers best-in-class coverage and peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your business and employees are secure.

“We have a strong track record of providing premium quality insurance products that give construction owners the freedom to strengthen their business and we’re ready to take that to the marine sector,” said Joe Beneducci, Chairman, President & CEO of ProSight. “Not only are we bringing deep knowledge to a new industry, we are using it to create an offering that has not been available to this point. ProSight is committed to providing value with our insurance products and we look forward to bringing that mission to the marine contracting space.”

ProSight is working with International Special Risk, the largest marine intermediary insurance broker on the East Coast. They provide professional technical expertise and tremendous nationwide market access to retail agents and brokers. Their years of industry experience and customer-focused approach allows them to offer insurance products that carry the load so business owners can focus on their business.

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