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Geotechnical Analysis and Investigation for Structures

In order to ensure proper support for bridges and other associated structures, it is generally necessary for contractors and other construction managers to engage a geotechnical engineer to make a complete foundation investigation of the proposed foundation.  The requirements of such an investigation will vary by state, but will typically […]


Pile Buck Guide to Soil Mechanics and Testing

This book is designed to be a comprehensive reference book on both soil mechanics and soil testing. It is primarily intended for the active practitioner in the field, although it is certainly a useful reference for the student. This book is a “compilation,” as it is freely taken from a […]


Test Methods For Driven Piles

A variety of high- and low-strain load test procedures exist to determine the suitability of pile-soil systems for proposed pile design loads. The following article provides deep foundation contractors with a load test overview that discusses implementation and the differing methods commonly utilized. Conducting Load Tests All forms of load […]


An Introduction to Soil Mechanics

By applying the principles of physics, mechanics, hydraulics, strength of materials, and structural engineering – an approach dubbed soil mechanics – geotechnical engineers have gained an understanding of various soil behaviors for a century. Because the analysis of soil is more complex than that of steel or concrete, which are […]

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Saving Money With Foundations Testing

View complete article here. In the previous issue I wrote an article on sustainability which concluded that, when it comes to foundations, sustainability is really a win-win situation. Whether sustainability is achieved by reusing an existing foundation, using fly ash instead of cement in the concrete, or applying additional testing […]


The Importance of Geotechnical Engineering

A Foundational Profession Soil mechanic authorities, subsurface condition experts, foundation designers. These titles all reference geotechnical engineers, professionals that ensure the long-term stability of various structures and earthworks. Tasked with designing foundations, slopes and retaining walls, geotechnical professionals rely heavily on self-conducted site investigations, rather than code-based design. This reliance […]